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FACTSHEET: Julian Morris


Director, International Policy Network.
Fellow, Institute of Economic Affairs. Visiting Professor in the Department of International Studies, University of Buckingham (UK). Member, LM Group.

Morris has been active in promoting gentically modified food and speaking out against the precautionary principle, organic agriculture and global warming.

At the Cooler Heads Coalition Capitol Hill briefing, "The Impacts of Global Warming," Myron Ebell thanked Morris for his help in organizing the event. Morris edited the publication, Climate Change: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom, London: Institute of Economic Affairs. (1997) and co-authored "Global Warming: Apocalypse or Hot Air?" (1994), also for the Institute of Economic Affairs. He also wrote a 1996 review of Andy Rowell's 'Green Backlash' for Nature.

Education: Graduate Diploma, Law, University of Westminster, 1999 MPhil, Land Economics, Cambridge University, 1995 MSc, Environment and Resource Economics, University College London,1993 MA, Economics, Edinburgh University, 1992 Areas of expertise include economics of law, international trade law and economics, environmental law and economics, intellectual property law, Internet law and technology tort law.


Heartland Institute
Source: Institute of Public Affairs website

International Policy Network - North America
Source: International Policy Network website 4/04

Heartland Institute
Source: Heartland 2010 Climate Conference Speaker List

International Climate Science Coalition
Source: ICSC list of who's who


International Policy Network website 4/04

ICSC list of who's who

Heartland 2010 Climate Conference Speaker List
More than 70 speakers will make keynote presentations or participate in panel discussions at the Fourth International Conference on Climate Change, May 16-18, 2010 in Chicago.

Institute of Public Affairs website