Documenting Exxon-Mobil's funding of climate change skeptics.

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Founder and Executive Vice President, Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO)
Publisher, eco-logic magazine. Chairman and co-founder, Sovereignty International. Vice chair, Environmental Stewardship Foundation. Board member, National Wilderness Institute.

Lamb is a central figure in the spread of United Nations conspiracy theories throughout the anti-environmental movement. Lamb has testified before congress and regularly has articles posted on World Net Daily and other right-leaning websites. Lamb does not believe global warming is a problem.

Lamb founded ECO in 1988. Originally funded by the Land Improvement Contractors Association, Lamb separated ECO and moved the operation to his home in Hollow Rock, TN. There Lamb produces the eco-Logic newsletter which originally was devoted to property rights struggles, but now highlights the environmentalist/United Nations conspiracy, and forecasts the impact of UN. sponsored initiatives and their impact on property rights. Lamb, along with John Bircher Michael Coffman, founded Sovereignty International in March, 1997, to promote concern over the perceived erosion of US. sovereignty at the hands of United Nations environmental policies.


ECO or Environmental Conservation Organization
Source: ECO website


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