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FACTSHEET: Soso Whaley


Adjunct fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute
Owner, Literary Llama Productions and Zoomobile. Produces and hosts cable programs, "C�reating a Healthy Environment�and" �and "Camo Country Outdoors Show."

An animal trainer by profession, Whaley has become an ornery commentator on global warming, fast food, and a variety of other environmental and health issues.

Whaley is currently working on a documentary in repsonse to� "Super Size Me: A Film of Epic Portions." According to her CEI, Whalwy "will conduct a similar experiment�ating at McDonald� three times a day, but consuming normal sized meals and exercising� to demonstrate that you can eat fast food and maintain or even lose weight. "


Competitive Enterprise Institute
Source: "McDonalds Fuels Films Battle," UPI, April 13, 2004


"McDonalds Fuels Films Battle," UPI, April 13, 2004
McDonalds Fuels Films Battle; Julia Watson