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FACTSHEET: David Wojick


Contributing Editor to Environment and Climate News
Host of Science adviser to the Greening Earth Society Editor of News analyst for Electricity Daily

Wojick is a consultant to industry and corporate-funded groups such as the Heartland Institute, Cato Institute and Citizens for a Sound Economy. His clients have included several government agencies, trade associations such as the International Pest Management Association, and corporations ranging from U.S. Steel Corp to CitiBank. Source:

From 1976 - 1981, Wojick was head of Adams & Wojick Associates, which worked on federal regulations for industry and government. Wojick claims he "helped write regulatory reform legislation and to set up the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in OMB. I received a national award from Engineering News Record for "helping EPA to engineer better regulations." Source:

Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh (1974). Specializing in Mathematical Logic and Conceptual Analysis. Doctoral thesis was an analysis of scientific and technological revolutions. B.S. in Civil Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University (1964). Source:


Heartland Institute
Source: Chicago Tribune - Wojick LTE

Greening Earth Society
Source: Daily Insight 05/16/05

U.S. Department of Energy
Source: PolluterWatch Heartland leaked documents investigations


Chicago Tribune - Wojick LTE
David Wojick Letter to the Editor at Chicago Tribune May 3, 2005

Daily Insight 05/16/05
Do scientists have compelling evidence of global warming? No: Despite the overheated rhetoric, there is no new evidence of warming. By David E. Wojick

PolluterWatch Heartland leaked documents investigations
"INVESTIGATION #3: PAYMENTS TO UNIVERSITY FACULTY FOR “CLIMATE CHANGE RECONSIDERED” ANTI-SCIENCE REPORTS," Greenpeace Investigates Heartland Institute Leaked Documents, PolluterWatch, 2012.