Documenting Exxon-Mobil's funding of climate change skeptics.

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FACTSHEET: Bradley Jansen


Adjunct Analyst
CEI Adjunct Analyst

Brad Jansen is an adjuct scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Previously, he worked as a policy analyst at the Free Congress Foundation focusing on privacy, technology and financial issues. He writes frequent commentaries, gives radio and other media interviews, testifies before Congress and organizes broad coalitions in defense of various Constitutional liberties questions such as National ID, USA PATRIOT Act, Homeland Security Act, FBI Guidelines, internet gambling and other surveillance programs. As Rep. Ron Paul's legislative staffer for banking and monetary affairs, he focused on financial privacy issues: he initiated and led the opposition to the “Know Your Customer” rule. He has extensive political, coalition building, marketing and campaign experience.


Competitive Enterprise Institute
Source: CEI Website 5-2006


CEI Website 5-2006
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