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Director of Deregulation, Institute of Public Affairs
Research Director, Tasman Institute Deputy Secretary of Energy, Victorian Department of Agriculture, Energy, and Minerals Deputy Secretary, Dpartment of Treasury

He is purported to have completed a doctorate in public transport economics, however, his early employment is limited to the automative industry prior to becoming a lobbyist for deregulation and privatisation.

n September 2005, Moran endorsed the concept of Australia establishing a dump for global nuclear waste. "It poses no threat, there have been no mishaps since 1944, but Australia could provide a permanent solution to other countries' problems," he said. Alan Moran is also a frequent commentator on public transport, opposing any government spending. Ironically, despite his beliefs for the free market and minimal government intervention, he is not opposed to similar (or greater) spending by governments on roads.

worked as a market analyst in the automobile manufacturing industry in the United kingdom before moving to Australia in 1974. In Australia, he has worked in a range of positions with the Federal Departments of Trade and Industry and Commerce. He headed up the Commonwealth's Business Regulation Review Unit and in 1990 joined the Industry Commission. He then joined the Tasman Institute as Research Director where he worked on privatization and environmental economics, before joining the Victorian Department of Agriculture, Energy and Minerals, where he was Deputy-Secretary of Energy.


Heartland Institute
Source: Institute of Public Affairs website

Institute for Public Affairs
Source: Institute of Public Affairs website


Institute of Public Affairs website