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FACTSHEET: Robert Mendelsohn


Edwin Weyerhaeuser Davis Professor of Forest Policy; Professor of Economics; and Professor, School of Management, Yale University
Mendelsohn received his BA from Harvard University and his Ph.D. in economics from Yale. Currently Dr. Mendelsohn is professor of economics, professor of management, and the Edwin Weyerhaeuser Davis Professor of Forest Policy at Yale University. He has written more than 100 peer-reviewed articles and edited six books, none of which address the causes of climate change. Instead Dr. Mendelsohn’s writings are focused on agricultural and economical impacts of climate change.

B.A. in economics from Harvard University in 1973. Ph.D. in economics from Yale University in 1978. Fellow of Ezra Stiles College. Professor at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Professor of economics, and Professor in the School of Management at Yale University


Selfishness alone, however, did not lead the United States to reject the Kyoto protocol. Sound economic policy did. The agreement is highly inefficient and inequitable.
Source: NPR Op-Ed by Robert Mendolsohn

"Although it is important to examine the consequences of today’s actions far into the future, it is important not to confuse far future actions with what is done today. The impact of emissions that are made after 2100 has no bearing on what the world should do for the next 30 or even 100 years."
Source: DeSmogBlog profile Robert Mendelsohn


Dr. Mendelsohn is a member of the Copenhagen Consensus, a group founded by Bjorn Lomborg. The project holds periodic conferences for its members. The 2009 conference, dealing specifically with climate change, proposed research into marine cloud whitening (ships spraying seawater into clouds to make them reflect more sunlight and thereby reduce temperature) as the top climate change priority, though climate change itself is ranked well below other world problems.
Source: Copenhagen Consensus

He has written in opposition to the US joining the Kyoto Protocol, and believes that because certain people may be less affected by global warming than others, making all countries pay in to a global effort to reduce carbon is unfair.
Source: NPR Op-Ed by Robert Mendolsohn


Heartland Institute
Source: Heartland Climate Conference 6


Heartland Climate Conference 6

Copenhagen Consensus

NPR Op-Ed by Robert Mendolsohn

DeSmogBlog profile Robert Mendelsohn