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Tom Harris has worked closely with the oil and gas industry throughout his career. Two of the three founding directors of the Natural Resource Stewardship Project, where Harris was executive director, are registered Canadian energy sector lobbyists. The organization also includes a number of climate change skeptics. Similarly, the High Park Group (HPG) where Harris was a past executive director, is a registered lobbyist with both the Canadian Electricity Association and the Canadian Gas association.


Harris has been caught editing the Wikipedia and Sourcewatch pages for the NRSP, attempting to remove the fact that he works for the High Park Group a PR company that lobbies for energy companies.
Source: Sourcewatch profile of Tom Harris

Harris is an active op-ed writer of climate skepticism and anti-Kyoto protocol articles.
Source: Sourcewatch profile of Tom Harris

30 June, 2011
Speaker at the Heartland Institute’s International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC), an annual conference on climate-skepticism.
Source: Heartland Climate Conference 6


Heartland Climate Conference 6
The relationship of Tom Harris to the event: Speaker


Heartland Institute
Source: Heartland Climate Conference 6


Heartland Climate Conference 6

Sourcewatch profile of Tom Harris