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FACTSHEET: Paul Chesser


Director of Climate Strategies Watch
-Special correspondent for the Heartland Institute -Senior fellow for the Commonwealth Foundation associate fellow for the National Legal and Policy Center -Contributing editor for Carolina Journal, associate editor 2001-2007 -John Locke Foundation***** -Contributor for American Spectator Online and Cooler Heads Coalition blog -Executive Director of the American Tradition Institute

Chesser is active in the media, speaking on behalf of climate skepticism.

Chesser is listed as a "director" for a North Carolina free market think-tank called the John Locke Foundation (JLF). Chesser manages the JLF's Climate Strategies Watch project, which is set up to scrutinize the work of the Center for Climate Strategies, an organization that advises states about how they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The site depicts the Turner Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Heinz Foundation as cockroaches.

Chesser came to North Carolina in 1995 from Los Angeles, where he worked in accounting for both private business and a nonprofit organization. He grew up in Rhode Island. director of Climate Strategies Watch, which assesses the development of global warming policies in the states, and contributing editor for Carolina Journal. He served as associate editor for CJ from 2001 to 2007, after a year as editor for two weekly community newspapers in Greensboro and Raleigh. His articles have appeared in dozens of newspapers across the country, including The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Washington Examiner, and the San Francisco Examiner. His work has also appeared in National Review Online, The Weekly Standard Online, American Spectator, and WORLD magazine. He is a regular contributor and blogger for American Spectator Online and for the Cooler Heads Coalition blog. Chesser has also appeared on NBC's "The Today Show," and as a talk radio guest on stations across the country.


In 2009, Chesser declared that he “exposed the mission” of the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), a California-based non-profit that gives presentations on climate change and inspires young people to action. Chesser accused the “alarmists” of “infiltrating schools [with] global warming propaganda.” He accused Michael Haas, creator of Alliance for Climate Education, of acting in an attempt to profit off of the government subsidies that “climate change-driven energy policies would bring.”
Source: Examiner Paul Chesser

Chesser also blogs for the Cooler Heads Coalition and "from the Heartland." The Cooler Heads Coalition is a group created to "to dispel the myths of global warming." It is a project of the National Consumer Coalition, a coalition of 23 free market think-tanks, many with ties to the oil industry, including the Heartland Institute, the Committe for a Constructive Tomorrow, the Pacific Research Institute and the George C. Marshall Institute.
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Heartland Climate Conference 6
6th International Conference on Climate Change sponsored by the Heartland Institute
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Heartland Institute
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Heartland Climate Conference 6

Examiner Paul Chesser

DeSmogBlog profile Paul Chesser