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FACTSHEET: Fred L. Smith Jr.


President and Founder, Competitive Enterprise Institute.
Former Director of Government Relaions, Council for a Competitive Economy. Former Sr. Economist, Association of American Railroads. Former Senior Policy Analyst, EPA.

Smith founded the Competitive Enterprise Institute in 1984. He was a contributing writer to "Global Warming and Other Eco-Myths," one of many of his publications attempting to discredit global-warming science and policy.

"Mr. Smith holds a B.S. degree in Theoretical Mathematics and Political Science from Tulane University where he earned the Arts and Sciences Medal (Tulane’s highest academic award) and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He has also done graduate work in mathematics and applied mathematical economics at Harvard, SUNY at Buffalo, and the University of Pennsylvania. ." (CEI wesite)


27 January, 2003
Wrote a joint letter to President Bush, discouraging him from supporting the McCain-Lieberman bill that would have regulated carbon dioxide emissions.
Source: Letter to President Bush, 1/27/03


Poverty and the Environment: Global Lessons, Local Solutions
Program held by Atlas Economic Research Foundation in Orlando, Florida.
The relationship of Fred L. Smith Jr. to the event: Speaker


Competitive Enterprise Institute
Source: CEI website, 3/04


CEI website, 3/04

Letter to President Bush, 1/27/03
Letter with multiple signers, discouraging Bush's support of McCain-Lieberman bill.,03339.cfm