Documenting Exxon-Mobil's funding of climate change skeptics.

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FACTSHEET: James M. Sheehan


Adjunct Scholar, Competitive Enterprise Institute.
Former Director of International Environmental Policy, Competitive Enterprise Institute. Adjunct Scholar, Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Sheehan "specializes in policies concerning international environmental regulation, trade, finance, and foreign aid. " He has written many criticisms of international agreements such as NAFTA and GATT, and is critical of the science behind ozone depletion. Recent articles on global warming include, "Cooler Heads Prevail on Global Warming," and "Beware of the Global Warming Treaty." (

"Sheehan holds a Master of Business Administration from Duke University and a BA in international politics from the Catholic University of America." (CEI website)


Competitive Enterprise Institute
Source: CEI website, 3/04

Mackinac Center
Source: Mackinac Center Website


CEI website, 3/04

Mackinac Center Website