Documenting Exxon-Mobil's funding of climate change skeptics.

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FACTSHEET: James K. Glassman


AEI Senior Fellow and Editor-In-Chief, The American
Recent work at AEI has been dedicated to the intersection of policy, finance and technology. An April 25, 2007 White House media release noted President Bush's nomination of Glassman to chair the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia, the Middle East Broadcasting Networks and the Cuba broadcasting operation. Glassman will serve "for the remainder of a three-year term expiring 8/13/07 and an additional three-year term expiring 8/13/10." (White House Personnel Announcement, 4/25/07) Previously served as AEI fellow/scholar on Social Security, Economics, Tech and Politics, Federal Budget, Interest Rates, Stock Market, Taxes and Education.

Co-founder of Tech Central Station, a "news" website funded in part by Exxon. Co-hosted with skeptic scientist Dr. Sallie Baliunas. became where Glassman continued (technology and public policy), 2000-2006. AEI bio:,filter.all/scholar.asp For more than a decade, he wrote an investing column for the Washington Post, as well as two books on finance, most recently The Secret Code of the Superior Investor. In 2000, he founded the online opinion journal, which concentrates on high tech and public policy. He is also chairman of Investors Action Alliance, an advocacy and education group for small investors. Before coming to AEI, he was publisher of both The New Republic and The Atlantic Monthly and editor of the congressional newspaper Roll Call. He is at work on a book on the effects of the boom in global wealth.

B.A., government, Harvard College


29 March, 2004
Opposed McCain-Leiberman Climate Stewardship Act of 2003, funding a cost analysis through "Tech Central Station Science Foundation" and presented himself as an "expert" on the issue.
Source: Business Wire article, 10/29/2003


Return to Rio: Reexamining Climate Change Science, Economics, and Policy,eventID.669/event_detail.asp
"This AEI conference seeks to restart the climate-change dialogue by returning to the spirit and purpose of the Rio consensus in the weeks leading up to the opening of the 9th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Milan, Italy, on December 1, 2003. Panelists will discuss the science of climate change, which has grown more uncertain and more susceptible to political influence in recent years, and public policy issues such as how to spend research money and spur innovation. A return to Rio will offer the opportunity to reexamine how dangerous warming is likely to be, what steps should be taken to address it, and what can be done to reestablish the common sense consensus that led to the Framework Convention."
The relationship of James K. Glassman to the event: Discussion Moderator

What Would Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reductions Mean for American Families?,eventID.664/event_detail.asp
Presentation of the findings of cost analysis conducted by Charles River Associates for the Tech Central Station Science Foundation, arguing that the costs of the Climate Stewardship Act would be too high.
The relationship of James K. Glassman to the event: Discussion Moderator


American Enterprise Institute
Source: AEI Glassman bio May 2007

Tech Central Science Foundation or Tech Central Station
Source: TCS website 5/06


Business Wire article, 10/29/2003
CRA Report: Global Warming Legislation Would be Costly; New Report Shows McCain-Lieberman Legislation would Increase Costs for U.S. Households

TCS website 5/06

AEI Glassman bio May 2007,filter.all/scholar.asp