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FACTSHEET: Malcolm Wallop


Founder and Chairman, Frontiers of Freedom.
Chung Yu-Jung Fellow for Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation.

Wallop served in the US Senate for 18 years and has close ties to members of the current Administration, including Vice President Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. He has a long history of anti-environmentalism, both as a legislator and a lobbyist/activist.

Former Wyoming senator and rancher Malcolm Wallop founded Frontiers of Freedom in 1996 "to promote and restore individual and economic freedoms for all Americans." The Arlington, VA-based organization recently took several western chapters of the now defunct Wise Use group People for the USA under its wing. Wallop has been a Senior Fellow in foreign policy and defense at the Heritage Foundation and board member of the American Conservative Union. He has been on the board of directors for El Paso Energy Corp. since 1995 and also sits on the board of Hubbell Inc., and Sheridan State Bank. At a June 2001 Frontiers of Freedom conference on eco-terrorism, it was repeatedly suggested by participants that "somebody" should try to get Rainforest Action Network's (and other groups that engage in direct action) 501c3 tax status revoked. Scarcely a week later, Wallop and Frontiers of Freedom announced it was asking the IRS to investigate RAN's tax exempt status. The complaint argued that because RAN members have been arrested in the course of non-violent protests, the organization is in violation of its 501c3 status.

"Graduating from Yale University in 1954 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Senator Wallop served in the US Army as a First Lieutenant from 1955 to 1957 and was a member of the Wyoming Legislature from 1969 to 1976. His extensive business career includes management of the Wyoming ranch holdings he owns and establishment of a feedlot. He jointly ventured oil and gas development projects in Nebraska, Montana and Wyoming." (from FoF website 4/04)


Countdown to Kyoto
Organized by Frontiers of Freedom, with the Australian APEC Centre Event held in Canberra, Australia
The relationship of Malcolm Wallop to the event: Attendee

Experts Discuss Why United States Should Withdraw Its Signature From Kyoto; Whatever Happened To Global Warming Anyway?
Event was held at the National Press Club and co-sponsored by Frontiers of Freedom, the Science and Environmental Policy Project and The Cooler Heads Coalition
The relationship of Malcolm Wallop to the event: Speaker


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