Documenting Exxon-Mobil's funding of climate change skeptics.

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Director of Economic Opportunity Programs
Director of Institute Relations, Atlas Economic Research Foundation Project Director, State Policy Network. Advisory board of trustees, State Policy Network. Board of trustees, Canadian Property Rights Research Institute. Member, Virginia State Water Control Board (1997-2000). Former board member, Conservation and Recreation Foundation. Former Staff, Political Economy Research Center. Former Staff, Institute for Humane Studies. Former Staff, Capital Research Center.

Kwong is an advocate of private property rights and free-market approaches to environmental issues. Her books include "Myths about Environmental Policy ," "Protecting the Environment: Old Rhetoric, New Imperatives," and "Market Environmentalism: Lessons for Hong Kong".

According to her State Policy Network biography, Kwong "helps promote the free-market environmental message to international think tanks." (

PhD in Natural Resource Economics and Management and a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. Her undergraduate degree in biology and urban studies is from Brown University. (from Atlas website 4/04)


Scared Sick? A Conference to Examine Unfounded Fear and its Effects on Health, Science Policies
Hosted by the Independent Women's Forum Announced in U.S. Newswire, 2/11/99
The relationship of Jo Kwong to the event: Panelist


Lindenwood University
Source: Lindenwood University

Philanthropy Roundtable
Source: Philanthropy roundtable - Jo Kwong

PERC - Property and Environment Research Center, formerly Political Economy Research Center
Source: Philanthropy roundtable - Jo Kwong

Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Source: Philanthropy roundtable - Jo Kwong

Institute of Humane Studies, George Mason University
Source: Philanthropy roundtable - Jo Kwong


Lindenwood University
The Institute for the Study of Economics and the Environment Economic Policy Lecture Series

Philanthropy roundtable - Jo Kwong