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FACTSHEET: Joseph L. Bast


President and CEO, the Heartland Institute.
The Heartland Institute – President and CEO. Board of Directors of Nomos Press Inc., 1983 - 1988. Board of Directors of The Heartland Institute, 1990 – current. Founding Director, officer, and member of the executive committee, State Policy Network, 1991-1997. Board of Advisors, Advocates for Self-Government, 2003 – current. Board of Advisors, Illinois Policy Institute, 2004 - current. Board of Advisors, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, 2005 - current. Board of Directors, American Conservative Union, 2007 – current.

Joe Bast, along with David M. Padder, founded the Heartland Institute in 1984.

Joe Bast is a co-author of "Eco-Sanity--A Common Sense Guide to Environmentalism" which argues, among other things, that global warming is not a problem.

Joseph Bast studied economics at the University of Chicago.


Joe Bast on what kind of person is needed to run the Heartland Insitute: “My motto is, you need to find a used car salesman who’s a libertarian—an aggressive, articulate guy who wants to build an organization.”
Source: Radicals for Capitalism Joe Bast

"We in the U.S. are in what Gregg Easterbrook calls the 'post-pollution era'."
Source: Radicals for Capitalism Joe Bast

"A modest amount of warming will be on net, benificial, both to human beings and the ecosystem."
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Published a paper denying Global Warming which used the names of dozens of scientists without their permission. He later conceded that his organization had been wrong to present the scientists as people who personally and professionally doubted the proof of humankind's impact on the climate, though he refused to respond to the demands from dozens of those scientists to have their names removed entirely from the web-published "paper."

As the president and CEO of the Heartland Institute, Bast helped organize and introduce the first (March 2008), second (March 2009), third (June 2009), fourth (May 2010), fifth (Oct 2010), and sixth (June 2011) international conferences on climate change.
Source: DeSmogBlog profile Joseph Bast


Heartland Climate Conference 6
6th International Conference on Climate Change sponsored by the Heartland Institute
The relationship of Joseph L. Bast to the event: Speaker


Heartland Institute
Source: Heartland Institute website 4/04


Heartland Institute website 4/04

DeSmogBlog profile Joseph Bast

Radicals for Capitalism Joe Bast

hockeyschtick blog
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