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FACTSHEET: Lee R. Raymond


Former Chairman of the Board and CEO, Exxon Mobil Corporation
AEI Vice Chair, Board of Trustees President, National Petroleum Council ExxonMobil Director 1984

Chairman of the Board and CEO of ExxonMobil 1993-2006 Raymond was awarded the American Petroleum Institute's highest honor, the API Gold Medal for Distinguished Achievement, in October 2006. Raymond served nearly 20 years as a member of the API Board of Directors, including two terms as chairman.

Former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Exxon Mobil Corporation. Holds bachelor's and Ph.D degrees in chemical engineering. Since joining the ExxonMobil organization in 1963, Mr. Raymond has held a variety of management positions in domestic and foreign operations, including Exxon Company, U.S.A.; Creole Petroleum Corporation; Exxon Company, International; Exxon Enterprises; Esso Inter-America, Inc. Elected Senior Vice President and Director of Exxon in 1984, President in 1987, Chariman and Chief Executive Officer in 1993, and added title of President in 1996. Director, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co; United Negro College Fund; American Petroleum Institue. Trustee and Vice Chairman, American Enterprise Institute. Trustee, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. Member, the Business Council; The Business Roundtable Council on Foreign Relations; Emergency Committee for American Trade; National Academy of Engineering; National Petroleum Council; President's Export Council; Secretary of Energy Advisory Board; Singapore-US Business Council; Trilateral Commission; University of Wisconsin Foundation.


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