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FACTSHEET: Steven Milloy


Founder and Publisher,
Adjunct Scholar, Cato Institute Columnist, Director, Advancement of Sound Science Center/Coalition.

One of the primary purposes of his website,, is to "debunk" environmentalism. Milloy has started a host of short-lived "organizations" to provide financial cover for his activities. These indude Citizens for the Integrity of Science, The Advancement of Sound Science Center,, Regulatory Impact Analysis Project, Inc, and the Environmental Policy Analysis Network. Some have been registered as non-profits with the IRS, but have one employee (Milloy) and sometimes one other board member.

Milloy was once Executive Director of the defunct Advancement of Sound Science Coalition and is still the director of the Advancement of Sound Science Center, an apparently related entity. He was also Director of the National Environmental Policy Institute. Milloy's publications include "Junk Science Judo," "Science without Sense" (Cato Institute, 1995), "Science-Based Risk Assessment: A Piece of the Superfund Puzzle" (National Environmental Policy Institute, 1995) and "Silencing Science" (Cato Institute 1999) which he co-wrote with Michael Gough. Though Milloy denies ever having been a lobbyist, Milloy shows up in federal lobbying registration data for 1997 as having expenditures on his behalf, indicating his firm, the EOP Group, believed him to be an active lobbyist. The same federal records indicate Milloy represented the American Petroleum Institute, FMC Corp, Fort Howard, International Food Additives Council, and Monsanto. Interestingly, according to these records, Milloy lobbied for Monsanto on the subject of "food safety and labeling," which is lobbyist speak for "biotech foods." (Center for Responsive Politics, Lobbyist Database) According to the Washington Representatives, Milloy was still registered as a lobbyist with the EOP Group in 1999, with the American Petroleum Institute and FMC Corp listed as clients. (1999 Washington Representatives).

"Milloy earned a B.A. in natural sciences from the Johns Hopkins University, a master of health sciences in biostatistics from the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, a juris doctorate from the University of Baltimore, and a master of laws from the Georgetown University Law Center." (Cato website, 4/04)


I don’t know anything… so rather than keeping my big fat mouth shut until I learn something, I’ll side with the likes of Al Gore, Osama bin Laden, Charles Manson, the Discovery Channel gunman, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Henry Waxman, Bobby Rush and every other whacked out, intellectually and morally bankrupt believer in global warming.


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