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161 Ottawa NW. #301
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 616-454-3080

The Acton Institute is a conservative, religious-based public policy organization. The environment, which includes energy policy and global warming, is one of seven areas of organizational focus.

The Acton Institute is named after Lord Acton, a nineteenth century British historian and philosopher. The Acton Institute's mission is "to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles." The organization carries out its mission through publications, seminars, and its center for academic research. Environment is one area of research for the Acton Institute, and is divided into sub-categories that include "Economics & Environmentalism" and "Science & Ecology". The organization subscribes to market-based environmental theories, and believes God has given humans dominion over the natural world. Publications readily available on the group's web site include: "Thou Shalt Not Burn Fossil Fuels: Global Warming and Religious Faith," an anti-Kyoto Protocol article by Michael Barkey, and "Global Warming or Global Baloney? The Forgotten Case for Global Cooling," by Phil Brennan, which promotes the idea that the idea of global warming is a socialist attempt to take over the United States.The Acton Insittute's Environmental Stewardship web page ( links to the Cato Institute,Competitive Enterprise Institute, theFree-Market Environmental network, Green-Watch, the Heartland Institute and the Heritage Foundation, among others.

Key Quotes

December 27th, 1999

"Religious leaders are right to remain skeptical of this effort [the Kyoto Protocol] to transform unsound science and policy into a moral crusade. Sound environmental stewardship requires reasoned, prudent judgments about the earth that take into account incentives for human action."
Source:Acton Institute website 4/04


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Key Deeds

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Total funding to Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty from Exxon corporations since 1998: $US 315,000

$10,000 ExxonMobil Corporate Giving
Source:ExxonMobil 1998 grants list

$40,000 ExxonMobil FoundationGeneral Support
Source:ExxonMobil Foundation 2000 IRS 990

$35,000 ExxonMobil Foundation20K Environmental Outreach Initiative15K General Operating Support
Source:ExxonMobil 2001 Annual Report

$30,000 ExxonMobil Foundation
Source:ExxonMobil 2002 Annual Report

$$50,000 ExxonMobil FoundationChallenge Grant for International Work
Source:ExxonMobil 2003 Corporate Giving Report

$50,000 ExxonMobil Foundation
Source:Exxon Giving Report 2004

$50,000 ExxonMobil Foundation
Source:ExxonMobil 2005 DIMENSIONS Report (Corporate Giving)

$50,000 ExxonMobil Corporate Giving
Source:ExxonMobil Corporate Giving Report 2006

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