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Director of Global Warming and International Environmental Policy, CEI
Chairman, Cooler Heads Coalition. Former National Policy Director, Frontiers of Freedom. Former Staff, American Land Rights Association.

Ebell was previously the National Policy Director at Frontiers of Freedom, where he worked on a variey of environment-related issues. Prior to his work at FoF he was senior legislative assistant to Rep. John Shadegg and also worked for the American Land Rights Association, and active "wise use" organization based in Washington State.

Under the auspices of the Competiitve Enterprise Instittute, Ebell spoke at the 2001 Alliance for American "Fly In for Freedom," an annual rally of "wise use" leadership.

"A native of Baker City, Oregon, Mr. Ebell holds a BA from Colorado College and an MSc from the London School of Economics. He also did graduate work at the University of California at San Diego and at Peterhouse, Cambridge University." (from CEI website)

Key Quotes

3 June, 2002

"It seems to me that the folks at the EPA are the obvious fall guys and we would only hope that the fall guy (or gal) should be as high up as possible. Perhaps tomorrow we will call for Whitman to be fired."
Source: "Bush covers up climate research," (Subheader: "White House officials play down its own scientists' evidence of global warming" By Paul Harris) The Observer, 9/21/03

13 February, 2004

"In a press release dated January 29, environmentalist pressure group Friends of the Earth revealed its plans to extort money from ExxonMobil for conducting legal business. ...The release also stated baldly that the reason for targeting ExxonMobil was because of its refusal to pay obeisance to the environmental gods: Friends of the Earth chose ExxonMobil for an assessment because it has repeatedly attempted to undermine the scientific consensus on climate change and actively resisted attempts to limit carbon dioxide emissions through law."
Source: "In Print @ CEI," Vol. VIII, No. 3, 2/13/04

4 December, 2003

"Kyoto is dead and has been dead, but that doesn't mean that it hasn't done some real damage and won't continue to do some real damage," "If global warming turns out to be a problem, which I doubt, it won't be solved by making ourselves poorer through energy rationing." "It will be solved through building resiliency and capability into society and through long-term technological innovation and transformation."
Source: "Into Thin Air", New York Times, December 4, 2003

16 December, 2003

Karl-Trenberth analysis is "nothing new - it's just kind of a summary of what the establishment thinks is true." The warming of recent decades is not surprising since the planet had been in a "little ice age" until the early 19th century. "The fact is the climate is changing all the time," Ebell said. "At the rate it seems to be changing, it should be easy to adapt and have few consequences for humankind. It isn't much to worry about." Source: "2003 Likely Third-Warmest Year on Record," Scripps Howard News , December 16, 2003

25 February, 2004

"Some alarmists are pointing to the Pentagon report as proof that we face impending climate disaster, but even a brief review shows that that isn't the case." "As with past national security assessments, the Department of Defense was presented with a worst-case scenario, not the likely future." "The Pentagon naturally believes it has to research any possible threat - whether it be an alien invasion, an accidental nuclear detonation, or catastrophic climate change."Authors of "An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security" also reportedly acknowledge that many climate scenarios they discuss are "extreme" and "not the most likely." CEI says the report "does make a useful contribution to the global warming debate, however, by recommending the 'immediate action' of improving predictive climate models."
Source: "Warming to Aliens," Washington Times, February 25, 2004


10 November, 2003

"The Lieberman-McCain bill is pointless political grandstanding and a shameless con game."
Source: "US Senate junks mandatory climate change emissions plan," Oil & Gas Journal, 11/10/03

18 January, 2004

"The public has trouble realizing just how 'loony' Mr. Gore is because of his reputation of being so boring."
Source: "Democrats Gear Up to Bash Bush on Environment," Sunday Telegram (MA), January 18, 2004

1 May, 2004

"Lots of things can happen, and right now it's way beyond what the computer modelers can even pretend to understand."
Source: "Warming Winters, Earlier Springs Shrink Vital Mountain Snowpacks", Associated Press, May 1, 2004

28 April, 2004

"We don't think it's going to help the cause of global warming alarmists, because people can tell the difference between fantasy and science."
Source: "Will Political Hear Fuel Boffo B.O. for 'Day'", Daily Variety, April 28, 2004

"Bush's election was a great Wise Use victory- a victory for our way of life." < br/> Source: 2001 Fly-In for Freedom, hosted by the Alliance for America.

28 October, 2003

["It's unlikely that we'll see significant leadership on the federal level from the Bush administration," says Bradley Campbell, commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. But state actions will show "we can achieve meaningful reductions in (global-warming) gases without sacrificing our economy or our prosperity."] "It's silly political posturing. These arguments will have no measurable impact on global warming."
Source: "Frustrated by EPA, States Try to Halt Pollution" USA Today, October 28 2004

16 January, 2004

"[B]ecause of his reputation as a boring technocrat, most of the public is still not aware of the loony extent of Gore's green ideology."
Source: "Gore Calls Bush a “Moral Coward”" Washington Post, Jan 16 2004

31 October, 2003

"McCain and Lieberman 'inflated' their vote by doing 'everything they could to cut special deals.'"
Source: "Senate Rejects Mandatory Cap On Greenhouse Gas Emissions" Washington Post, Oct. 31, 2003

11 May, 2004

Myron Ebell, CEI's director of global warming and international environmental programs, said the administration now has a disclaimer in the report noting that it has not been subjected federal data quality guidelines. But the Bush administration cannot be perceived as taking the law seriously until it agrees that the law authorizes citizen lawsuits challenging decisions on data correction requests. "The statute is silent on the issue, but we believe decisions should be tested in the courts because the law falls under the Administrative Procedures Act,"
Source: Regulations: EPA Reports, Policies Frequent Target of Data Quality Act Challengers",Greenwire, May 11,2004

12 December, 2003

"Right now, the whole Kyoto bandwagon is sort of rolling to a stop. I think a lot of these questions are up in the air without the U.S. and Russia participating."
Source: "Parties Work Out Some Kyoto Details, But Big Questions Remain", Greenwire, December 12, 2003

8 January, 2004

"The last ice age was a much more extreme event than anything that is predicted for the next 100 years, and yet we didn't see the same level of extinction then that--that they're predicting for a little bit of global warming."
Source: NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, January 8, 2004

With setbacks for boosters of global warming theory like Russia's rejection of the Kyoto Protocol, it's likely that they will begin clinging all the more tenaciously to ridiculous fantasies like this one.
Source: "Global Warming will Destroy Species",Natural LIfe, April 2004

25 May, 2004

"True, the climate is always changing. The fact is, however, that a very moderate amount of warming that we've seen in the last century is not a very sound basis to believe that we're going to have a new ice age."
Source: Hannity and Colmes, Fox, May 25, 2004

Key Deeds

3 June, 2002

Ebell collaborated with Phil Cooney, chief of staff at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, to cover up the findings of an EPA report on climate change. President Bush's staff insisted on several major alterations to the report.
Source: "Bush covers up climate research," The observer, 9/21/03

Key Events

NCPA Earth Day Briefing on Global Warming: 'What Do We Really Know vs. What We Are Told'
The relationship of Myron Ebell to the event: Speaker


Kyoto Through the Back Door? A Debate on the Lieberman – McCain Climate Stewardship Act
The relationship of Myron Ebell to the event: Speaker


Competitive Enterprise Institute
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Frontiers of Freedom Institute and Foundation
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Cooler Heads Coalition
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American Conservative Union Foundation
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