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ALEC Dierector of Energy, Environment, and Agriculture Task Force
former Vice President, Cascade Policy Institute

Wynn left the Cascade Policy Institute for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in 2011. As Director of the Energy, Environment, and Agriculture task force, he oversees much of ALEC’s work to deny climate change and promote fossil fuel corporations.

Holds a Master’s degree in International and Developmental Economics at the University of San Francisco. Prior to studying at the University of San Francisco, Todd attended Virginia Military Institute and California State University, Long Beach where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics.


"A lot of people like to say well Todd, you are in the hands of big oil or you’re an anti-environmentalist, but I consider myself an environmentalist of all sorts, I care about the beach, I care about the successful evolution of humankind and the planet. But the truth is you have to focus on environmental goals that are achievable cost effective and have a measurable benefit and if the cost outweigh the benefits it doesn’t make sense to charge ahead on an emotional and heart tugging issue like saving the planet.”
Source: todd wynn youtube

"Wind does not reduce carbon emissions but instead creates them."
Source: katu news

"Actual climate change in my part of the country, there’s not much, 1 degree Fahrenheit in the last few years."
Source: todd wynn youtube

"I think that global warming could be a net benefit for the planet in fact."
Source: Climate Chains homepage


Wynn has fought against renewable energy in Oregon.
Source: Cascade Policy Institute Website

Wynn is involved in the "Climate Chains" website and video along with well known climate deniers Chris Horner, Marlo Lewis, Myron Ebell, and Patrick Micheals.
Source: Climate Chains Website

Wynn is Project Director of the Carbon Cartel Education Project. The stated goal of the project is "to raise awareness of the costs and implications of policies based on global warming alarmism by conducting a multi-faceted campaign to peel away grassroots political support for carbon restrictions"
Source: Carbon Cartel Education Project


New York International Conference on Climate Change 2008, March 2-4
Organised by the Heartland Institute and sponsored by a number of think tanks, this conference brought together the biggest gathering of climate sceptics for years.
The relationship of Todd Wynn to the event: Speaker

Heartland Institute 4th International conference on climate change, Chicago, May 2010
Denial-Palooza 4 - international gathering of climate deniers in Chicago. Organised by Heartland Institute, sponsored by many other front groups. Held as BP struggled to stem the flow of the oil leak in Gulf of Mexico and John Kerry introduces new round of climate legislation into the US senate.


Cascade Policy Institute
Source: Cascade Policy Institute

Heartland Institute
Source: Heartland Institute website - Energy Policy for America guidebook

Cato Institute
Source: sourcewatch CPI

ALEC - American Legislative Exchange Council
Source: ALEC website - Private Enterprise Board


Heartland Institute website - Energy Policy for America guidebook
Energy Policy for America, A Guidebook for State Legislators by Joseph L. Bast, President, The Heartland Institute and Sandy Liddy Bourne, Vice President, The Heartland Institute

Cascade Policy Institute

Cascade Policy Institute Website

Climate Chains Website

todd wynn youtube

katu news

sourcewatch CPI

Carbon Cartel Education Project

Climate Chains homepage

ALEC website - Private Enterprise Board
"Private Enterprise Board," American Legislative Exchange Council, obtained Mar 29 2012.